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Friday, October 28, 2016
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Welcome to the Old Bridge MUA

Official Website of the Old Bridge Municipal Utilities Authority.



The Old Bridge Municipal Utilities Authority provides `two critically vital services` to our Township residents.



The 1st is a continuous supply of safe drinking water, and the 2nd is the efficient removal of all your sanitary wastewater, all for  $2.30 per day for minimum users, and for those seniors qualifying for the 20% senior reduction its $1.84 per day. A gallon of water for the minimum user costs only $0.0117 cents. That's a lot cheaper than the bottled water in the stores.



In this mission, we continue our efforts to provide the Township of Old Bridge with safe drinking water of a quality that exceeds State and Federal Standards for safety, while at the same time upgrading and expanding our system to ensure more than adequate supply, even in times of low supply throughout the region and neighboring communities.



It is also within our mission to receive, transport, and monitor the wastewater generated by the Old Bridge Township residents and businesses with the environment, efficiency, and costs at the forefront of our efforts.



In our ongoing effort to keep the public informed of our operations, we are pleased to provide you with this Website as an additional resource for knowledge and information about your water supply and wastewater removal. 


All Authority Personnel have official picture identification badges reflecting their name, and the telephone number of our facility. Please call us if someone attempts to represent our agency and does not present the proper credential.



The "Old Bridge Municipal Utilities Authority" is also known as the

"Old Bridge MUA" , "OBMUA", or "O.B.M.U.A."


Office Hours & Phone

71 Boulevard West                732-566-2534

Cliffwood Beach, NJ 07735

Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.


15 Throckmorton Lane          732-679-8440          

Old Bridge, NJ 08857

Monday through Friday  8:30 am to 4:00 pm.



~ Please browse through our site for more information on many topics.~


~ Additional content is being added and updated on a regular basis. ~

If  you located our Website by an Internet search, by using names other than our full name or abbreviations, some of the other search phrases might have included: Old Bridge Township MUA, Old Bridge Water, Old Bridge Township Water, Old Bridge Water Authority, Old Bridge Sewer, Old Bridge Township Sewer, Old Bridge Sewage Authority. For Internet search accuracy and general knowledge, please make note that our full official name is the Old Bridge Municipal Utilities Authority, which is also known as the Old Bridge MUAOBMUA, and sometimes O.B.M.U.A.

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