Confused about where you should properly dispose of unused medication? Click here for more information.

Many localities in New Jersey are teaming up with local law enforcement to provide a day for the public to turn in unused prescription medicines for proper disposal.  Trace amounts of pharmaceutical waste have been found in water bodies and this occurs in part because people unknowingly are not properly disposing pharmaceuticals correctly by flushing unused medicines down the toilet.  Sewage treatment plants are not designed to remove 100% of such chemicals and trace amounts are left behind.

On November 14th, New Jersey is launching Operation Medicine Cabinet, to let the public come to designated areas to properly dispose of unusedprescription drugs.
Please visit this link: for information about the program, local participating collection sites, and for operation times.  The collection sites are listed by county. This is an opportunity for the community to help preserve the environment, maintain healthy aquatic life and keep the public health at large safe.

NJDEP Disposal Recommendations and State of NJ