The Old Bridge Municipal Utilities Authority has received 2 million dollars in loan forgiveness from the NJEIT low-interest loan program for three Sewer Division projects which total $14,500,000 and are scheduled to be constructed this year. The NJEIT Low Interest Loan Program funds needed infrastructure projects throughout the state that allows for the upgrade and rehabilitation of water and sewer utilities. The loan forgiveness granted by the NJEIT represents a reduction in the principal amount that must be repaid by the OBMUA.

The Crossroads Project ($9,380,000) consists of 9,500 LF of PVC pipe which connects existing sanitary sewer on Spring Valley Rd. to the intersection of Texas and Marlboro Roads, and will eliminate three pump stations in the South Old Bridge portion of the township.

The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA Project ($3,270,000) automates the monitoring of 36 sewage pump stations located throughout the 42 square mile township. This allows for a more structured maintenance program that lets the Sewer Division monitor all the stations on a continuous basis.

The Summerfield Gravity Sewer Replacement Project ($1,850,000) abandons approximately 2,200 LF of 8” sewer line within an existing easement that has unstable slopes in the Laurence Harbor section of Old Bridge, and constructs a new sewer pump station for discharge into a gravity line on Rt 35.

This principal forgiveness of $2,000,000 allows the OBMUA to use $100,000 per year of this savings for other escalating utilities, chemicals and operating costs to keep future rates stable.


LF = Linear Feet  /  Line-Feet

PVC = Poly Vinyl Chloride ( a kind of durable plastic )