Pay Your Bill With Your Checking Account

Kindly complete the form below and your checking account information will be sent directly to OBMUA for processing. You will receive a receipt via e-mail.

Please refer to the following image in order to properly locate your checking account routing number, account number and check number.


Thank you.

Please use our secure order form to submit your checking account information.

  • With your consent, OBMUA will keep your account information within their offices for your future convenience and for any payment inquiries.
  • OBMUA will not use your account information to apply to future bills or payments without your express consent.

You must re-submit all account information each time you pay your bill through our website.

  • Your routing number will always be 9 numbers.
  • Please verify your checking account number before you submit.
  • If your account ends with a .00 or .01 you must enter the . from your account number.
  • Dollars and cents ONLY - no "$" symbol - AND use the decimal even if there are no cents. Example: 149.00
    You must read and accept the entirety of the above Terms and Conditions before making a payment through this system. The agreement checkbox will not be available until you have read through the entirety of the Terms and Conditions, above.